Quote of the day—Timothy A Campbell

Just make gun ownership punishable by death and we won’t need any more prisons or court systems. We will all be free.

Timothy A Campbell
June 12, 2012
On Twitter via a Linoge retweet.
[Not even a court system to judge those accused of gun ownership?

Why are anti-gun people so violent?

Campbell uses that word “free”. I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Timothy A Campbell

  1. The “we” he refers to in “we will all be free” are the tyrants, thugs, muggers, burglars, and rapists.

  2. I’m surprised he doesn’t just want to put us in collective labor camps. After all, he seems to agree with the folks who said that work will set us free.

  3. That dude’s a piece of work. Started his own religion to validate his blasphemy.

  4. This is an excellent example of the thinking process of the left. “We will all be free [when all pretense of respecting human rights has been eliminated].” “Free” to control every aspect of every citizen’s daily life. And; make some super duper illegal and it will simply, magically, just go away. The death penalty for murder, as we all know, has completely eliminated murder, so we can use that model of success and apply it to everything, apparently. But the left is generally opposed to the death penalty for murder, so how do we make sense of this? Actually it makes perfect sense, and the left is near 100% consistent here– they hate their political opposition (the American principles of Liberty) so much that they want to kill people to make it go away. That is the constant. It always is with communists.

  5. One and the same, RWC. Better yet, a more-recent tweet of his indicated that he wants all firearm owners and their children killed, because it is “in the Bible”.

    The guy is nowhere near playing with a full deck. That said, I would consider him a viable threat, and if I lived in his area, I would be very wary.

  6. He is definitely many Fruit Loops short of a full bowl. He also says,

    There is no such thing as “justifiable homicide”. It’s really called “Criminal Rationalization”


    Ector claims crime has dropped 2% in 10 years, but fact is, population dropped 50% because of guns

  7. From the website hawking his book:

    “…[t]he Bible says eye for a eye. To guarantee not one is injured by car accident or work. The CEO’s of the automobile manufacturers, should have paid Ashlyn Schaffer 1 trillion dollars or they should of had their spine cut.”

  8. Today’s gem?

    gunowners made it clear they’d kill with knives, bats etc. if one took away their gun. I suggest death camps

    You cannot get a whole lot more blatant than that.

    Bear in mind this is also the same individual who is on record (by a YouTube video of his own) for saying he will use his car to run over any open carrier he sees, and proclaim to the police that he was acting in self-defense.

  9. I’d like to see that little pig come and try to enforce that sort of law. Craven little vermin.

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