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While we were all shocked and angered at the revelation of Nixon’s abuses, today the same abuses are not only ignored but tolerated- even encouraged- by the Left.

I never thought I would see a time when the U.S. government would deliberately sell guns to Mexican drug cartels just to advance a petty policy argument about gun control, while the press stood by with not a word or reproach. Or allow the Black Panthers to practice the worst type of racism abetted by the highest law enforcement officer in the land, while the press applauded.

John Ransom
June 11, 2012
Watergate at 40: Obama is the Democrats’ Nixon
[Politics in this country (probably everywhere) is pretty nasty. Even in the late 1700’s when we just formed our current form of government there was incredible division between parties. And political divisiveness goes further than just tolerance for hostile rhetoric. There is evidence that ordinary people, essentially, become sociopaths when dealing with their political opponents:

Empathy is the root of morality and cooperation. People without empathy are called sociopaths, and they are by far the most dangerous people on the planet. Every genocide features sociopaths; every mass atrocity and every continued abuse requires them. So, when a study shows empathy being almost entirely crushed, it should be jarring. To put it clearly and simply, this study showed something very scary, which is this:

When people are under the influence of politics, they turn into sociopaths.

We ask ourselves, “Why are liberals so violent?” And we ask “Why would the government sell/give guns to the drug cartels?” At least part of the answer is because they are in a political contest with non-liberals.

This does not justify the behavior. What it means is that we must guard against it. Do not underestimate the capacity of your political enemy, or your political ally, to behave in monstrous ways.

H/T to Chris M. for the heads up email on politics turning people into sociopaths.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Ransom

  1. Do not underestimate the capacity of your political enemy, or your political ally, to behave in monstrous ways.

    I remember that in the late Clinton years, it was quite common for anti-gunners online to gloat about the incineration of 80 people at Waco. I saw at least one evil creep laughingly refer to it as “Koresh Southern Fried Baby.” This is the naked face of the Left: pure, unadulterated evil. (The same guy propositioned a conservative woman on the site, and then, when she rejected him, posted her address along with a picture of a murdered woman, insinuating that she’d be next).

    Would you trust Ladd Everitt with a small child?

  2. I will point out that Nixon’s most egregious misbehavior in covering up the Watergate break-in, and Clinton’s worst misuse of his office to hide his sexual predation, occurred as they were seeking re-election. The end, re-election, justified any and all means they employed to hide their misbehavior.

    Right now the AG, Holder, is risking a Congressional contempt citation over release of subpoenaed Fast & Furious documents, to gain time for Obama’s re-election before the facts of that crime/scandal are documented more fully.

    What we can see already should disqualify the current president from re-election, from the votes of any ethical people. What other things are being done that we do not know about, just to hide problems, so the president’s re-election efforts are supported rather than destroyed?

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