Quote of the day—Harry Cheadle

The simple solution is to just not walk around with a gun like a goddamn lunatic and if you get into a fight, maybe just take the chance that you might get your ass beat.

Harry Cheadle
June 8, 2012
Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Morons
[Extending his advice to the obvious conclusion, if you are being raped you should just lay back and enjoy it.

But I prefer John Fogh’s advice to say, “Please don’t rape me.” Using, of course, the universal language of multiple jacketed hollowpoints.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Harry Cheadle

  1. How about I walk around with a gun like a reasonable person who refuses to allow myself or my family beaten, robbed, rapped or killed??

  2. Cheadle repeatedly refers to “morons”. It sounds to me he may only be addressing the vast majority of people. I agree that most folks are idiots, but even idiots are surprisingly safe with firearms.

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