Jobs Jobs Jobs (and Governor Butch Otter)

Just in case you’re confused on the subject (and I know that millions of people are); the purpose of a business is not to “provide jobs”.  Not ever.  Don’t even think about it.  Stop talking about it.

The Republican Governor of the State of South Idaho is one of those who are deeply confused.  He instated his “Hire One” program to nudge us into hiring people.  We’re supposed to go to some government web site and see if we “qualify”.  (Ooh!  Do I “Qualify?  Maybe I’m “special”)  Maybe that’s the “jobs program” right there— more state workers to manage the web sites and the “jobs” program implementation, whether or not anyone applies.  To hell with that, Governor Otter.  My business is not a stupid Butch Otter, State Government “jobs” program.

If we really need more help, we (without holding your hand and without being threatened) will hire someone.  That is, unless taxes, requirements, energy prices inflated due to restrictions, red tape and more restrictions get in the way, and unless you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and use the coercive power of government to favor some businesses or industries at the expense of others– then we’d be expected to come crawling to you for some of that favoritism that only communists and mobsters have the power to dole out to their supporters.  I’ll die first.  I want nothing to do with you.  I have work to do.  You and your fellow communists at all levels are in the way.  Just get the hell out of the way.  Understand?  No; I’m sure you don’t.  You have “interests” to pander to.  You’re a coward at best, and we have no use for cowards.

You’d rather have a government “jobs program” so you can take credit for that which I accomplish in spite of your interference and confiscation.  Have you ever considered a “liberty program” instead of a “jobs program”?  No; I’m sure you haven’t.  Too novel.  It takes too much imagination for some people.  Communist scum don’t think that way, see.  They think instead of how they can meddle, how they can take credit for other people’s work, and live as parasites off of other people’s honest work.

The purpose of business, Little Grasshopper, is to create goods and services, sell them at competitive prices, and thereby make a profit.  See– jobs don’t even figure into it, except that in order to provide our goods and services at competitive prices, we NEED to hire as few people as possible to get it done right.  Otherwise our expenses are too high and we fail.  Get it?  No; I’m sure you don’t.  If you got it, you wouldn’t be talking about “Jobs” AT ALL.  Jobs are what happen naturally when you leave people alone, you ignorant, pathetic, self-serving heap of RINO shit.  Only communists talk about “jobs” in the context of government action.

The rest of us talk about liberty, because we want you off our backs so we can produce, sell, buy, exercise ownership of what we make, and live in peace.  Get it?  No; I’m sure you don’t.  Your actions and your language betray you, Fool.  You don’t belong here— not in the Republican Party and not in America.

We’ll make it real simple;  People either a) work, because they’re free, or they b) don’t work because they’re not free (government’s paying them not to work or the government’s in the way).  “Government jobs program” is therefore something of a contradiction in terms, and the mere fact that we have a Department of Labor is an affront to America.

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  1. I forget where or when the conversation was supposed to have taken place, but Milton Friedman was said to have toured some large construction project, with scores of men assiduously digging with shovels. The guide told Dr. Friedman that it would, of course, go faster with machinery, but this was, after all, a jobs program.
    To which Dr. Friedman was supposed to have asked, “Then why aren’t they using spoons?”

  2. Sorry to put this in two comments, but I also thought of the schlock attorney I used to work for in LA. He hired secretaries/receptionists through the local job training program so he could pay them depression-era rates AND get a subsidy from the program. They were uniformly well-meaning, completely ignorant of the needs of business, and dumber than rocks. THAT is the produce of a jobs program.

  3. Thank you, Windy.
    “THAT is the produce of a jobs program.”
    Yes; that and the politicians who implemented the programs taking credit for any work that manages to get done in spite of them.

    You have to include the self-righteous crowing of the corrupt.

    Better yet are the jobs involved with managing the programs at the government level– More government employees means more campaign donations and more votes for the scumbag politicians who support the programs. Works every time it’s tried. Well, until recently. We’ve seen the beginnings of failure for the communists and those who bow to them, even while they’ve been succeeding on a grand scale lately. They will go absolutely apeshit crazy when we take their cash cows away from them and I can’t wait to see it. That will be entertaining.

  4. A: Businesses, real ones, don’t need more employees. They need more customers. If they have customers, they can get more employees, except in highly unusual cases (North Dakota, Saskatchewan). See B:
    B: Employees are not, properly, a source of revenue. They are a “sink” of revenue, an expense. For a business to be sustainable, they must create more value than they consume. *Customers* are the very best source of revenue. Get all you can find, and take good care of them. Meditate on this between meetings. See A:

  5. My brother and a friend of his started a whale-watching company several years ago, in Juneau, AK. There were already several whale watching companies there (a few LARGE, many single-boat ops), and they are all watching the same whales, working with the same tourists. In three years they went from an unknown start-up with two boats and a name that sounded pretty red-neck (Harv & Marv’s, even though neither of them are named Harv OR Marv), to being so busy they couldn’t handle the demand and were adding boats, vans, and people. A year or two later they were ranked as the NUMBER 1 tourist thing to do in Juneau, even ahead of the previous perennial #1 of the Mendenhall Glacier, according to, which they had never even heard of before they were told they were #1. They were adding captains, boats, vans, reservations stuff, etc., as fast as they could *WHILE MAINTAINING THE QUALITY SERVICE THEY OFFERED*. Same whales. Same tourists. Running circles around the competition because they *provided a better experience at a similar price*. As a result, they drove their competitors, including some guys with big brains and high-powered MBAs, nuts. “How can these two locals, one without even a HS diploma, take us to the cleaners?!” It was because they focused on what counted – a great customer experience at a fair price, even when customer demands were not particularly reasonable. Word-of-mouth brought them repeat customers from all over the nation and world, and grew their business so fast they were offered enough money they could effectively retire for their business, by people who were not willing to continue to do what worked in order to save a few pennies, at the cost of dollars.

    Provide a good product at a fair price, your biz will grow, and jobs will be created as a *side-effect*. Focus on providing jobs or short-term profits, and things don’t work out so well. Simple. No wonder the government doesn’t get it.

  6. That is because, by and large, those who work in government have never owned a business, and in the case of most politicians, they have slim to no private experience.
    So of course they don’t get it, they don’t have the life experience to get it, and that, combined with the arrogant know it all attitude that comes with being a leftist, allows them to not only not get it, but to actively seek to _avoid_ getting it, because these pesky facts conflict with their world view.

  7. Mark: It just struck me – what you described is a child, who, because of lack of knowledge and experience, is at a total loss to explain why something happened, so he just makes shit up and guesses, then sticks with it when someone agrees with him and praises his creativity or some such. As a result, they think they know VASTLY more than they really do, and are shocked and confused when reality smacks them in the face like a cold cod on a rainy day.

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