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The Left’s ideas are un-falsifiable. Their ignorance is invincible. This is why the notion is rapidly catching on that there is no compromising with them. They must be defeated and kept away from the levers of power. Whole swathes of society, which were abandoned to their depredations — education, journalism, the arts — must be reclaimed from them or given up altogether. Some may be converted through repeated teaching and their own experience, but — sadly — not many. It will not be a quick process. There will be many setbacks. But it must be done or the whole of civilization will be taken down by their idiocy.

Mark Alger
June 8, 2012
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[I really need to finish reading The Handbook of 5GW. As Ry told me, “This is where we need to be.”

Warfare, at the most fundamental level, does not mean destruction of life or property although that is a means to the ultimate goal of warfare. Warfare is about getting people to change their behavior. Sometimes that is about getting people to give up their natural resources or it might be about getting people to change their religious beliefs. Even if the purpose of the war was to extinguish an entire race or society the goal, ultimately, was about changing behavior (stop them from breathing).

Seen through this light we liberate ourselves because we release we are at war and that it is acceptable for us to go to war. The traditional tools of war including slings, arrows, chemicals, and bullets do not necessarily have to be used directly. The mere presence of our training and firearms will probably be sufficient prevent the war we are in from “going hot”,  We have other weapons at our disposal which must be deployed. We must get those in power and those that demand power over us to stop their behavior. We have votes, the courts, propaganda, education, and probably a thousand other things at our disposal. But we must win this war. Our country, no, all human society, is being laid to waste by those that believe they know better than the individual how the individual should spend the fruits of their labor. And this behavior must be stopped.—Joe]


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  1. The hippies from the 60’s are now in the senior positions of power including the education establishment. They have spent their entire careers explaining to students how wonderful the impending socialist utopia would be. The current cohort is getting first-hand experience with the doctrine, and, it seems, finding it wanting. The cohorts just ahead of them who have less invested in the ideology are noticing as well.

    The “massive warfare” meme is best put forth in Bobby Jindal’s efforts to make charter schools a widespread and viable alternative to the public schools. The escape from utopia will likely take less time than it took to get there, and we will need to push long after the war seems to have been won. Weeding the garden is a never-ending job.

  2. Joe;

    It can be a strange sort of rush to click into a site and find your own name staring back at you in the headline. ::grin:: Thanks for the hat-tip.

    I find myself ambivalent as to the level of violence — or threat of it or willingness to engage in it — will prove necessary. I hope for rather less, but fear rather more will be required to win through.


    I understand, I think, where you’re coming from, but I want to point out that the hippies — the real ones, not the teenyboppers — were all about rugged individualism and liberty. Unfortunately, far too many of our youth were gulled by the seemingly shiny object of collectivism and never quite escaped the clutches of it. Think of it as a kind of sieve or a test for intelligence. The smart ones gravitated rightward, while the morons kept on marching on the left.

    But, just as the democrat party was hollowed out by revolutionary marxists, starting in about 1918, so, too was the youth “movement” (if you want to call it that) from the ’60s. But, as one of our cartoonists put it, “Put a hippie in a suit and cut his hair, you can’t tell him from Joe Businessman.” We’re still out there, doing our own things. We just don’t hang with the commies anymore — if we ever really did.


  3. “The mere presence of…”

    Ummmm, no. Ask any power-broker of whatever political stripe: the terror inherent in potential violence loses effect over time when the violence remains hidden. Ask any cop: criminal recidivism is directly proportional to the certainty of effective punishment. The operative words in war are “conquer” or “subdue”. The cost of war is too great to bear if victory is not to be absolute. As a nation, we last understood this in 1945. Ronald Reagan was able to spiff up the credibility of the Nuclear Triad enough to drive the USSR off the cliff reacting to it, but give technology some credit, too.

  4. It has long been a doctrine of war fighting that overwhelming force should be brought to bear upon the enemy, if possible, to re-align their intentions, overcome their defensive capabilities and utterly crush their offensive ability to continue fighting.

    The reductio ad absurdum of this is that genocide is the only answer. “Nuke it from space. It’s the only way to be sure!” Realistically overwhelming force means don’t meet a fist with a fist, but with a billy club. Even our President recognized this when he suggested his followers “Punch back twice as hard.”

    Force is used as a last resort, because it is messy and the winner usually has to clean up afterwards. We will find the weak spots in the opposition, and exploit them to breach their defenses and weaken them.

    Remember, too, that there is no substitute for victory. Not partial victory, but unconditional surrender, wherein socialism, progressive politics, and all the vile ideas they carry, are seen as the horror they are by all people.

  5. Joe, you are a smart guy, smarter than I am in many demonstrable ways, but I feel your analysis here is incomplete. Focusing on lawfare instead of violent warfare is a better choice as you pointed out. But 150 some years ago in a nation with no real firearms restrictions a Civil War happened. The slave movement also had the courts, the votes, and every other avenue of redress that we do. In the end sometimes you have to fight for what you believe to be right.

    In current history we have Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina, and no matter how “illegal” the actions of the “government” are, they got away with it. And they will continue to get away with it for the forseeable future. Fast and Furious anyone? Lawfare only works when both sides play by the same rules.

  6. I see no advantage to publicly announcing ones intent to break the law.

    The volume of firearms and ammunition sold is readily available and this should be more than sufficient to judge the capability and willingness of the population at large (which is what really matters) to “go hot”.

    As for me personally–how many people do you know that can manufacture a ton of explosives in a couple of days?

  7. Don’t leave out culture. It’s as important as the ones you mentioned. Go to GBTV.com, get the free trial and watch last Thursday’s (June 7th) episode of the Glenn Beck Program entitled “Create”. The other three in that series are good too, but “Create” focuses on culture. There’s also a good episode of “The Real News” earlier in that same week that spends some quality time on Fast and Furious, and Eric Holder. While we’re talking about taking over the media and the culture, they (GBTV) are doing it.

    As I’ve been saying now for years; The Enemy is getting more and more desperate to control the internet and they will do anything they think they can get away with doing. The next big attack will involve the assertion that it belongs to the feds already because they created it. Look and watch what The Enemy is doing. They’re starting to lose their grip even as they’ve been winning. They’re going to get more desperate and more reckless.

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