Quote of the day—Rym Ghazal

I remember the time I was in Iraq, and the family I was staying with insisted that I carry some form of weapon as “defence” and protection. Even their grandmother carried a small hand gun in her purse whenever she went out.

I vehemently refused. I hate the feel and the smell, indeed everything, about objects that kill and cause harm.

Rym Ghazal 
June 7, 2012
No gun control plus idle youth equals recipe for trouble
[I wonder if she has the same hatred for guns used by the police. And does the same hatred extend to knives, clubs, rocks, feet, fists, hands, teeth, cars, scissors, rope, electricity, tobacco, alcohol, water, dogs, fire, snakes, spiders, bacteria, and viruses?

She must spend most of her time hating. Perhaps she should see a counselor about that. Such extreme hoplophobia can’t be good for one’s long term mental or physical health.—Joe]

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  1. Notice her quote “..about objects that kill and cause harm.”

    This is irrational. Inanimate objects do not kill or cause harm, only people kill or cause harm. The very objects she irrationally abhors are very useful for protecting innocent people from being killed or harmed by criminals and such.

    Classic hoplophobia.

    I hope she gets help.

  2. @PT, I can’t edit comments easily. I would have to download the .xml file, hand edit it, then upload it again. It’s good enough…

  3. Last time had a go-round with someone on the subject, her objection boiled down to ‘Guns kill people.’ She just could not get beyond that belief, for any reason. She was also not happy with people having pocketknives.

    I think it really is a mental illness

  4. The truth is that gun control laws only apply to people who abide by the law. Do you think that the criminal that has obtained a weapon illegally cares that he does not have a concealed carry permit or that he is in a “gun free” zone? Of course he doesn’t, that is why they go to gun free zones to commit crimes, because the people that obey the law won’t be carrying.

    Make sure that you have something good in your go bag – I’m in a contest here right now trying to win one of these fold-up carbines.

  5. @Firehand,

    Some people’s minds do not operate in a rational manner. They can be surprisingly functional in society but be totally impervious to facts and logic.

    When thinking about this I frequently end up in a philosophical type dilemma. If one person in a million were unable to process facts in a rational manner then clearly “there is something wrong with them.” And we might consider intervention of some sort to be appropriate. Would you want the driving on public roads and voting?

    But what if it were one in a thousand? One in a hundred? One in 10? One in two?

    And what if it were one in a million that were able to process facts in a rational manner. Would their insistence that the earth is round and orbits the sun in direct opposition to what the rest of society knows to be true be sufficient grounds to intervene when they proclaimed their “insane ravings” to the rest of the world?

    In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is not necessarily king. And in a world gone insane is it rational to demonstrate your sanity?

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