Random thought of the day

Health care is considered a right and everyone is required to purchase insurance so they will have it when they need it.

Doesn’t that mean that everyone should be required to purchase a firearm, training, and carry it with them all the time so they will have that right available to them when they need it?

2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. It either means that, or Healthcare isn’t a right.

    Of course the reality is that Healthcare is part of the Life, Liberty, and Property rights. You can pursue all of those and legally can’t be denied them…but also nobody is mandated to GIVE them to you either.

  2. Health care is as much a right as is housing, education, clean water and food. In other words, it is a commodity, a product for sale, a means that can be purchased to produce a desired end, not a right. And health insurance is just a way to manage payments for the product that is health care.

    The abuse of language such as calling a “right” that which is bought and sold has to stop.

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