Quote of the day—Tasso Rampante

Shockingly high rates of gun ownership and shockingly low rates of summary executions by totalitarian regimes.

Tasso Rampante
May 29, 2012
Comment to How do you say “Come and take them” in Mandarin?
[This was in regard to the Chinese complaining that the U.S. has “rampant gun ownership”.

As Robb said, “This is a feature, my oriental friends, not a bug.” But from the point of view of the Chinese government it would be a severe “bug” if summary executions (with the family being charged for the cartridge used) became more “challenging”. After all, they have an obligation to “protect the people” by killing those that disrupt the collective and interrupt the narrative. But they are making progress: “The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China ‘promotes human rights now.'”

To be fair it’s not just the Chinese government. There are people in our country who advocate the harming of dissidents as well.—Joe]


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  1. Make no mistake…there ARE summary executions here…they just get lost in all the detritus of the police actions in which they were carried out.

    See aslo: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Kathryn Johnston, et al

  2. Accept criticism/propaganda from an evil despotic regime like communist China?
    I think not!

    The hubris is right up there with Iran calling on us to accept Sharia law.
    [My response to this will not be put in print…the children might see it]

  3. @Phssthpok, Yes. There are what amount summary executions in this country. But the rate is much lower in this country and even if the government supports them the executioners frequently have to lead a “different lifestyle” after it becomes known what they did. I saw the level of Secret Service protection given to Janet Reno at a public speaking engagement many years after Waco. And Lon Horichi lives a life similar to someone in the witness protection program.

    Although I think they both deserved to be tried and perhaps sent to jail for their crimes they did not get away without penalty. I suspect every day for the rest of their lives they will wonder if this is the day they acquire acute lead poisoning. And I like to think other would-be government criminals moderate their behavior because they know there are limits they must not cross.

    I don’t have actual data but the stories I have heard about the behavior of New Jersey police versus my experience with Washington and Idaho police is dramatically different. My hypothesis is that at least part of that difference is because the cops in Washington and Idaho know justice can be served upon them outside of the courtroom and the New Jersey cops know it is very unlikely.

  4. There have been those among us who have warned us not to make the gun debate too political. I’ve said for years that gun restriction is basically leftist, which of course is true. Getting us to run from the truth is a primary tool of the left. Rampante’s quote strikes directly at the truth of whole gun issue.

    “Accept criticism/propaganda from an evil despotic regime like communist China?
    I think not!”

    Phssthpok; Think of the context in which that criticism is being made. America has been marching down the road, Progressively, toward communism for over 100 years, and we’ve now elected ourselves an openly communist revolutionary. They’re criticizing our Communist In Chief for not getting the job done. It makes perfect sense. It also puts Rampante’s quote in stark relief. Yeah– this is serious.

  5. I have always seen China criticising the United States, to be the murderer crying out “hey, you can’t judge me! You have your own sins, you know!”; basically, it’s true, but complaining that a choir boy who stole candy bars in his youth, and who can sometimes be a bully to this day, but overall is a good, dependable friend who tries to do what is right, is laughable.

    I also get the sense that they are trying to say, “Yeah, we murder people, but so what? The United States does horrible things too.” Which may be true, yet–if tomorrow, the President declares that we are now a Communist Nation, and that we must now terminate 15% of the population just to get the population under control–even then, such evil does not justify the evils that China perpetrates on its own people.

    The current Chinese Government is evil, and they don’t want to face up to that fact. They love power too much–and they have too much invested in attempting to be successful–for them to do so.

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