Quote of the day—Jonathan E. Lowy

The work of the Legal Action Project — like all Brady’s work to prevent gun violence — is really a battle over two visions of America.

In our vision, a 17-year-old boy can buy Skittles and a soft drink at the local 7-11 and walk back home safely to watch a basketball game with his father. But in the NRA’s vision, the boy is stopped by a man on the street with a violent past and a loaded hidden handgun.

In the NRA’s vision, George Zimmerman kills Trayvon Martin.

Jonathan E. Lowy
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Legal Action Project Director
Spring 2012
Legal Action Newsletter Spring 2012 (if this link goes dead let me know because I saved a copy).
[Lowy is absolutely correct about there being two visions of America.

The Brady Center and Brady Campaign appear to have made the Martin/Zimmerman case the centerpiece of their legal and political campaigns. This is could be a goldmine for us. The media tried to help the left by falsifying data and the left, including the Brady’s, ran with the lie. The lie was exposed and as more and more evidence brought out it looks as if Zimmerman will come out as justified in using deadly force to defend himself.

By making the Martin/Zimmerman case their showcase of the evil NRA it is likely to be savagely shot down as part of the lie. They, to a certain extent, participated in the lie by using the photo of Martin as a 12 year-old rather than as a 17 year-old. Their only real out at this point in time is to back down and quietly drop the Martin/Zimmerman meme but I don’t think they strength of character to do that. They are too psychologically weak to admit their mistake and change direction.

We should use this to our advantage at every opportunity. The Brady vision of America is not, and should not be, supported by the people of our country. Help them wither up and blow away into the dustbin of history.—Joe]

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  1. There would really be two visions. That’s the very nature of opposition. And being intelligent is not the basic need to solve the case. Being sensible with the right feeling is already enough.

  2. I’m dealing with suchlike at my place, even as we write. They have no intention of withering.

  3. @James Higham, But you are in the U.K., correct?

    The situation in the U.S. is much different. We haven’t forgotten about you. We will help when we can.

  4. In the Anti-Rights version George Zimmerman, a grown man who doesn’t even have a speeding ticket to his name would have been beaten to death attempt to help the police locate a potential prowler, by Trayvon Martin, a child who has already started down the path to become a career criminal.

    Remember Martin was ferried out of his own home town in attempts to get him away from the bad elements he’d been hanging with…and his last night was spent smoking weed in the rain and picking a fight with a total stranger, possibly while scoping houses for a burglary.

    Their heroes and villains are totally backwards.

    Hey but this isn’t anything new. Even with the much less controversial case of the Kroger manager who shot the robber who had a gun to the head of a hostage was vilified for shooting a career criminal against his employers litigious wishes.

  5. Google Watermelon soda, skittles, and lean.


    Yep. I’ve had this discussion….if only Zimmerman had not had a gun, everything would have been alright. Its the GUN that caused the problem.

    What is it about the anti’s that make them so…… stupid?

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