Quote of the day—John Longenecker

Loss of life due to heart attack was the primary motivator for the paramedic program worldwide. In primary training, heavy emphasis was given to emergency cardiac care. The Paramedics became the SWAT of emergency medical care. To aid EMS, there has been a worldwide drive to train millions in CPR to keep the patient alive until the arrival of Advanced Life Support.

The armed citizen is identical to this concept of humanity and compassion. In terms of human decency to one another in time of emergency, the armed citizen is its only equivalent. The idea of the Good Samaritan is much deeper than kindness and specific care, it is involvement as an expression of devotion to the nation by an unmistakable restatement of our values. When we care about medical emergency patients, why can’t we also care in time of criminal violence?

We can. In 49 states, we do.

John Longenecker
May 22, 2012
A Footnote in EMS History Discredits Gun Control Today
[Good job John!

I have nothing else to add.—Joe]

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  1. This is why I renewed my CPR training and carry a CPR barrier shield in my front left pocket everyday…

  2. Fascinating! That’s an argument that should convince any government official, too–I bet criminals don’t pay many taxes.

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