Private fireballs

One of the new things we are planning to offer for Boomershoot 2013 is an opportunity to shoot your own fireball from as “entertainingly close” as I feel comfortable with. Hint, this year Ry was pushing the envelope for my comfort zone.

There will be a very limited number of them, perhaps three to five, they will take place Friday evening, perhaps near dusk, and the price will be $500 each. And to a certain extent you will control the audience. There will always be range safety officers present but if you only want to allow your immediate family or have it be “all yours” you can do that. We will keep all other spectators at least a couple hundred yards away.

The question are: 1) Are there people interested in such an experience? 2) Is there some modification to the scenario such that it would be more attractive to you?

3 thoughts on “Private fireballs

  1. Came here from Ry’s (happy birthday, Ry!). I’m in if it can be done with Orville Bierkle’s revolver (.45 ACP). I remember Ry musing that he could set up a reliable detonation in that scenario with a steel plate and shotgun primer. I would also want it to be recorded by at least 2 or 3 video cameras, and I’d probably want to make a little oration about the gun for the cameras before the shot.

  2. David,
    Making the fireball happen, for you, with that revolver, is something I’ve been plotting for a couple years. Project Sparky is, in part, an outgrowth of that effort; there would be at least three video cameras that we provide shooting video, plus whatever you wanted to emplace.

    Our next round of testing is 09 JUN; if I have time, I’ll be taking the first steps on Project Sparky then. If Project Sparky works out, making a steel plate to trigger the fireball would be trivial.

    Thanks for the well-wishes,

  3. How’s your first aid expertise on treating burns? IMO, this may not be one of your better ideas. Too many uncontrolled variables.

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