Bumper snickers

I was looking at some bumper stickers online and ran across this one:


Gun bloggers have been asking similar questions for years.

Other bumper snickers that caught my attention included:


And probably my favorite (I love sick humor):


Update: It’s not a bumper snicker and I would never put this outside my door because I wouldn’t want it being introduced as evidence at my trial. But I thought this doormat was funny:


3 thoughts on “Bumper snickers

  1. One of my favorite things to do at gun shows is check out the bumper stickers for sale.

    Some of the bumper stickers are dead-on. Others are just plain stupid. Or racist.

    But all in all, the culture of bumper stickers is entertaining.

  2. I disagree with your opinion of “Save Paper: Use Animals As Targets” — that’s not even sick humor because it isn’t even humorous.

    Gun folk rallying about dead animals only divides the pro-gun movement. It’s irksome. This is a common agreement among my gun-toting vegetarian libertarian friends.

  3. “Guns Don’t Kill People, Guns Kill Dinner”

    That’s also unimpressive. Most Americans buy their pre-killed dinner at the grocery store.

    Sure, some people hunt, kill, and eat their dinner. Some people. But most Americans eat dinner killed by a slaughterhouse worker.

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