Overheard at the furniture store

Guy1 (in a suit at a high end furniture store in Bellevue Washington): “So when is Bumbershoot this year?”

Guy2 (wearing a coat that says, “Boomershoot Event Director” on the back): “I don’t know. This is Boomershoot, not Bumbershoot. It’s something different.”

Guy1: “Oh! I’m sorry. What is Boomershoot?”

Guy2 (quickly finishing his transaction): “Boomershoot is a long range precision rifle event with high explosives as the targets.”

Guy1 (eyes get big during a long pause): “That is different.”

Guy2: “Yeah. We don’t hold the event in the city.”


6 thoughts on “Overheard at the furniture store

  1. Isn’t it a complete PITA to have to pay that much for something you are going to take for granted? Hint, I’m not talking about rifles, but furniture.

  2. I’ll build you one for $924.99, but that one does look pretty nice, assuming it’s all real wood. ON the other hand, you can get something of equal utility at Wal Mart for probably around 60 bucks, so…

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