Gun cartoon of the day


To be accurate the ATF logo should be added to the U.S. flag on the side of the truck.

Read Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up. It’s a quick read and very good. One of the more interesting things I discovered from reading the book was that the Mexican government stopped making such a stink about the ATF running guns into Mexico because the U.S. threatened to cut off $500 million in aid if they didn’t shut up about it.

Ry recommends the book too.


1 thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Hence it is a bad idea to accept free government cheese. Once they get you depending on it, you belong to them. Suckers.

    The cartoon of course comes from a completely idiotic, and very tragic, set of assumptions. In reality it is government corruption on both sides of the border that results in violence and other forms of societal decay. The War on Drugs is a huge part of the cause, while our right to keep and bear arms isn’t even on the fringes of it. Then there is the over-arching concept of Critical Theory, which blames the U.S. for practically all of the world’s problems, when in fact She holds the answers to virtually all of the world’s problems.

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