Quote of the day—James T. Brown

The National Rifle Association has caused more death and injury to Americans then any terrorist group.

James T. Brown
May 1, 2012
Letter: NRA lobby is an assault on U.S.
[If you squint and hold your head just right you might be able to say that he is technically correct. But the path is somewhat tenuous and leads to protective violence rather than criminal violence.

Brown, of course, did not intend his comments to be taken in this manner. Brown should be given all the scorn and ridicule normally given to those that claim teaching of evolution, mixed race marriages, or women being allowed to vote is responsible drought, earthquakes, and the milk cows going dry.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James T. Brown

  1. Maybe he was just counting Grant and the other Founders’ Civil War records?
    Though that would require them to count Southerners as Americans, and I’m not sure they do that even now.

  2. In any case, the War Between the States predates the existence of the NRA. And certainly, mass murder predates the invention of gunpowder, but it doesn’t predate the right to self defense. No; the latter came first, being as it’s an inherent right.

    The takeaway from that quote is that some people regard the very founding of The Republic as an evil. If the right to keep and bear arms is a pathway to mass death (deliberately making no distinction between offense and defense) then the Bill of Rights is evil, and so the founding of the United States is evil.

    But of course only communists, socialists, Fascists, jihadists, Progressives, et al believe that sort of thing. Americans don’t. IN fact it’s exactly the other way around. The leftist ideologies are responsible for mass murder on a global scale. Coercion is their primary tool, after all. I maintain that the coercion is the goal– that all the other leftist assertions are just cover. And here once again we see the left accusing us of being them.

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