Quote of the day—Margrit Novack

Why would anyone, other than law enforcement, need to carry a loaded gun into national parks or wildlife refuges? How many more of these demented decrees from George Bush do we have to endure before his reign ends? Why exactly does he feel the need to accommodate a few insecure individuals who need to carry a loaded gun to compensate for their lack of manhood? Was that perhaps Dick’s idea?

Despite the sheer stupidity of this last-minute decision, I’m not too worried.These immature gun fanatics are not the type who would visit and appreciate a national park anyway. They are mostly found in bars where they, in drunken stupor, shoot themselves in the legs.

Margrit Novack
December 13, 2008
Guns in parks shows lack of manhood
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Margrit Novack

  1. I guess if I’m out hiking around Mt. Rainier, or in the North Cascades, or elsewhere, and I happen upon a Griz mauling a hiker, or perhaps a bunch of meth-cookers attacking a hiker, I’ll need to perform a quick survey, “What’s your opinion of folks legally packing handguns in the wilderness?” before coming to their aid. Of course, once the stuff hits the fan, I’m sure all these city-dwellers would become believers.

    I wonder how many of these strident yahoos actually get off their ass and go for a hike themselves? Or is their preferred form of exercise participating in the Occupy movement, or breaking windows at the local Starbucks. See – I can generalize too!

  2. I know it’s small and petty of me, but I kind of hope this woman gets eaten by a mountain lion.

  3. So, we are supposed to prove our manhood by ineffectually trying with hiking staves and pocket knives to prevent the bear from eating this woman? Only to have such ineffectual efforts result in her descent on the food chain as well as mine?

  4. Apparently my version of “the woods” is a bit different than hers. It is a home to all nature, not just cute little squirrels.

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