Equipping my clock tower

Friday night son James and I packed all of Barbara’s stuff into a U-Haul truck and I left for Idaho with it. Saturday with help from Jacob and Nancy I unloaded the truck and loaded up a bunch of my stuff in Idaho. Tonight son James, and daughter-in-law Kelsey helped me unload the truck and pack the stuff up the stairs to my clock tower.

The water bed is still nothing but a bunch of pieces of wood:


The reloading bench is inaccessible behind a sea of boxes:


But everything did fit and after I put things on shelves and in closets then go through things and throw away stuff that I haven’t touched in 20 years I think I’ll have enough room.

I will need some help putting the bed together but other than that it will just take a couple weekends on my own to sort through the stuff.

The toughest part was getting the gun safe up the stairs. It fell once but didn’t get scratched because it landed on James’ leg. The leg will heal on it’s own. Scratched paint requires assistance.

Thanks to everyone that helped.