3 thoughts on “I like it, but…

  1. It should be an adult suckling from Uncle Sam.

    I’d try to create that in GIMP, but then I’d have to gouge my own eyes out.

  2. Yeah, the statue of liberty image is all wrong, because by definition you can’t suck off of liberty. Liberty allows you live your own life and doesn’t guarantee you any goodies at other people’s expense. Same with the Obama image. Obama can only force others to support you. He can’t support anyone by himself– he probably could not even support himself in a free market without starting at the bottom.

    To be correct, the image would have to show everyone suckling off of each other, with Uncle Sam holding a gun to everyone, forcing them to do it.

    But even that is incorrect. In fact the government is the baby, with a gun, forcing everyone else to support it. We all eat less, while the government grows into a big, threatening miscreant of a brat and then starts kicking its parents around and stealing from them. Then it invites all its miscreant friends over, eventually kills the parents and maxes out all the credit cards for a big party.

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