My next book

I just discovered the next book I’m going to read: Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up.

I’m downloading it from as I type…

Some people are speculating that Fast and Furious could be the next “Watergate”. But I’m not really convinced it will become that. Sure, it’s almost certain what happened was worse than Watergate because of the people who died and that an attack on a fundamental right was involved. But Watergate only became such a big issue because the media cared about it. The media cared about it because it was a Republican president involved in the scandal. In this case it’s a Democrat and it was about infringing upon the 2nd Amendment which the media thinks is a good idea.

3 thoughts on “My next book

  1. I won’t say there’s no media factoring here, because certainly, there is. But wasn’t the House, back then, more Democratic than the current House is Republican? And I don’t think that the R leadership in the House is as strong, politically, as the Dems were back then either. Plus, with the Senate in the hands of the Dems, the House Republicans probably feel that articles of impeachement would be practically moot. More than that, as a political strategy, they might feel that impeaching Obama would result in a backlash against Republicans which would hurt Romney. The House Dems of Watergate had no such concerns. Certainly, there’a a media role here, in spinning the news various ways, and influencing public opinion, but there sure are a lot of the public who, due to ignorance and other factors, are easy to lead. There’s a spin factor here of ‘ATF agents doing their job to fight the drug war’ which is a much easier sell than any description you can come up with for the Watergate plumbers and burglars.

  2. The only thing I can think of that would cause the mainslime media to suddenly care about any of the Obama administration scandals would be to discover that Obama were a secret Republican (actually for those left of Chairman Mao, this would go a long way to explain to them their disappointment in his “fundamental transformation of America” — he hasn’t done what he promised because he’s really a –wait for it– fascist).

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