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I don’t think there should be a waiting period for abortion care. Waiting periods for guns allow time for back-ground checks, and allow for a “cool-off”period, as no one should purchase weapons designed specifically to kill just on an angry whim.

But the purpose of waiting periods for abortion care is to make abortion harder to get, abortion being something very time-sensitive in a way that gun purchases aren’t.

Julie Was Here
April 30, 2012
Comment to Gun Control. Let’s Be Reasonable Adults
[Wow! Only if I were trying to mock someone would I say such a thing and pretend not to see the parallels that are so blindingly obvious.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Julie Was Here

  1. The parallels may be obvious, but which way do they lean? Yes to both waiting periods or no to both waiting periods.

    Or is the parallel thing just the killing part?

  2. The waiting periods are parallel and whatever conclusion one draws for one you would think they must necessarily conclude for the other.

    The killing parts are somewhat less parallel because the of the certain death of the fetus (easily argued as an innocent life) versus the less certain death of a less than innocent attacker of a person wishing to defend themselves.

    In the first case I think someone rational must arrive at the same answer for both. In the second case I can see the conclusion being the same but more likely it should go with the gun purchaser being given more liberty. But “Julie Was Here” concludes the just the opposite which I cannot fathom as being rational.

  3. hmmm, looks like comments are being moderated – I wonder what the risk of “Reasoned Discourse” breaking out is…

  4. Wait! Pregnancy lasts for 9 months. That is plenty of time to decide what you are going to do. Sometimes, waiting periods for guns are 3 or 4 days, which is plenty of time for an enemy to decide to do you.

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