Quote of the day—Cynicism

I despise guns; they have a single aim, to inflict massive damage upon its target. By its very nature, guns in the public are completely antithetical to peace, and should be cast out by all sane people. It should only be used by the enforcers of the law.

May 3, 2012
Guns And Gun Control
[I find the mind of anti-gun people “interesting”. Statements of facts apparently do not need to be based on reality. See the first sentence as an example. And adjoining sentences need not be in agreement with each other. See the last two sentences as an example—unless they are of the opinion that “the law” is also antithetical to peace.

If rational thought is present at all in the majority of humans it is but a thin, easy ruptured, veneer over a core of incoherent impulses. And as pointed out over a decade ago by son James some high school teachers actively promote the removal of this veneer.

I, and you should as well, fear for our future. These people not only vote they run our government institutions and command great power.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cynicism

  1. I’m so glad that that the “enforcers of the law” have never been used to round up undesirables or shoot those protesting dictators or an evil government. Clearly, only they should have weapons because nothing could ever go wrong if they were the only ones allowed to have them. Well, I just have a mere 100 million objections to Cynicism’s viewpoint; each one of them corresponding to a dead innocent civilian who was killed at the hands of an oppressive government.

    Also, I can’t think of another thing that will more quickly discourage aggressive behavior, or stop it if necessary, than a firearm. Guns save lives and keep the peace.

    I agree that it is comical that simple logic, real-world observations of human nature, and just being intellectually consistent from one sentence to the next, eludes gun control idiots.

  2. At least the idiot is getting thrashed in his own thread…

  3. It should only be used by the enforcers of the law.
    That statement is so full of fail I can think of only one response to it:
    Look everyone, that’s what “Full Retard” looks like.

  4. Ah yes, and reason, they say, is nothing but a weapon of oppression used by white men against women and minorities (by which they’re saying that women and minorities don’t use reason. So it’s a sexist and racist statement they’re using to blame us for being sexist and racist).

  5. Those who do not own swords can still die upon them,this is the primary reason for the availibility of weapons to the people. A free people are responsible for their own safety.

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