3 thoughts on “Dennis Prager Demands Violence, Torture

  1. This must be an example of the hatefulness my Leftist brother says Mr. Prager spouts on a regular basis.

  2. I’m not sure who this Dennis Prager is, but I completely agree that we need to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire: they had better be working to preserve and extend liberty!

    Of course, I have the funny feeling that Prager wants to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire, so that they would pass more onerous regulations, ban guns, and extend the Federal Dictatorship that’s been growing since at least the time of Wilson. How DARE Republicans attempt to slow down such things? (Not that they are going to reverse it…which is why we need to hold their feet to the fire…)

    But in expressing such sentiments, I’ll undoubtedly going to get a visit from the Secret Service too…or would it be Homeland Security? (After all, since I’m leaning towards liberty, I’m a terrorist, right?)

  3. Alpheus calls for torture!!! Threatens further violence for political ends!!!

    Actually, Dennis Prager is becoming one of my favorite media people. By holding Republicans’ feet to the fire, he means exactly what I would want him to mean– that the Republicans have been far too wishy-washy, pandering to leftist assumptions, and therefore we need to hold them to the basic principles of liberty.

    Prager still has a few cobwebs in his head though (and who doesn’t?). It rarely shows up, but the other day he said something about how we need protection from “monopolies”, citing Standard Oil as an example. What he seems to fail to understand is the difference between a coercive monopoly (which always involves government collusion, i.e. corruption) and the monopoly of merit (someone doing the best job of serving the customers). He didn’t specify which kind of monopoly against which we need “protected” by government.

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