This Would be Cool

…but the manufacturer defaced it horribly by putting lettering and numbering all over it.  I wouldn’t mind owning one, but then I’d be forced to advertize for Colt’s without compensation, flashing that company name and address around everywhere I went.  They should pay me to own it.  And those serial numbers?  Those weren’t required by law in the 1840s and ’50s, and the gun would look SO much tidier without them.

(This in response to people who complain that my products have to be defaced with my company’s name and the model number, or the patent number in some cases.  It turns out that there’s also a significant culture in the muzzleloader world that hates the idea of signed or numbered guns.  That fact that maker’s marks, serial numbers, inspectors marks and proof marks have been a necessary and worthwhile part of manufacturing since Grok made his first stone club seems to get lost on some people.  Maybe the famous works of art would be worth more if they’d never been signed, too [they were such shameless self promoters they turned every work of art into an advertizing billboard for themselves].  We do refrain from using flashing lights in our logo if that’s any consolation.  Our engraved logos are matte black on matte black, but they’re still too obnoxious for some people)

5 thoughts on “This Would be Cool

  1. I’m very happy with the M6B rail I ordered, logo and all. Love it, in fact.

    Now, if i could only find that jerk who stamped “Saginaw” on the receiver, boy, I’d give him a piece of my mind…

  2. Agreed–I always thought that was a silly complaint. Unless the brand was done out in rhinestones with a scrolling LED marquee, which I’ve never seen on a pistol slide, no one will notice unless they actually look at it. Second of all, what does it say about a product if the maker wouldn’t even put his own logo on it? Third, I mostly have run across this complaint WRT 1911 slides, in which case it always seems to be voiced for the non-Colt ones. Presumably by people who lack the fiscal discipline to save up for one.

  3. Don’t worry, if I can find a job before I have to sell it, I’ll probably get one (and an optic to match) for my mini-14. Should be fun for me, if less so for the coyotes.

  4. I hate the fact that my M1 Carbine has “National Postal Meter” on it – it makes it so dweebish, like I’m a stamp-collector or something. But I’m not fond of the big flowery Kimber script on the side of those, and bought an Ed Brown instead.

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