Outlaw Socialism

There.  Fixed it.

(and no – it doesn’t become legal if you give it a new name)


5 thoughts on “Outlaw Socialism

  1. While I do agree the punishment for the Marine was appropriate, I only wish that every Congressman, Senator and Chief Executive who EVER took their oath was also prosecuted for their violations!

  2. No, you can’t do that! We haven’t yet tried true Socialism!!! All the previous attempts were flawed, because they weren’t entirely true to their philosophy!

    That is, we haven’t yet tried Socialism where I’m the one in charge.

    And I say this as if I’m smarter than all the Pharoahs, the Czars, the Emperors, and the Kings that came before me, as well as Robbespeirre, Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and any number of other Philosopher Leaders, who are undoubtedly smart (for otherwise, how could they come into power?), but are obviously not as smart as me!

    And I say this, as if any one brain, or even any given collection of brains (aka all the Federal, State, and Local Congresses, Assemblies, Councils, and Bureaucracies that surround us) can have the intelligence of all 311,591,000 and some-odd people (last count) who make up the United States of America, each of which are collecting information about their surroundings, from their own eyes, their friends, their families, and their associates, of which data, very little of which ever reaches the “Bureaucratic Brains” that try to run our lives.

    And when we zoom out to the World at Large, we have 6,840,507,000 and some-odd people, each of which are doing the same thing.

    Why, oh why, do people still believe that Socialism can work?

  3. True capitalism (on a national scale) has never been tried either. There is some degree of socialism everywhere else in the world. Why can’t we have the one place in the world with zero socialism?

    Answer; coersively funded schools. We’re taught that the extreme left is pure communism, and that the waaaay far end of the spectrum on the other end is Fascism. The centerists (who are of course smarter than everyone else) believe in something between communism and Fascism. That’s the default assumption for anyone coming out of public education, so there’s no such thing, even, as capitalism in the default mentality. That’s just a buzzword for Fascism, and we all know that Fascists are bad (though we can’t define the word).

  4. True, but at one time we used to be much closer than we are now (really more mercantilist, not really a free market exactly). But even that hasn’t been for a loooong time.

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