A very wet Boomershoot prep

Today Scott, Tim, and I got soaking wet as we put the 500+ stakes in the hillside for Boomershoot. And it was cold.

Tomorrow is forecast as 100% chance of precipitation until 8:00 PM when it drops to 90%

The generator didn’t work for a while this morning. I think the electrical system was wet. I covered it with a tarp and let the engine run and it started working again. Tim is bringing his generator as a backup for tomorrow.

antitango got stuck trying to turn around near Mecca.

I realized I didn’t have the scope rings required to put a scope on the rifle Sarah was going to use. I did get the rifle Ry is going to use scoped but it was so cold and wet I didn’t go out to zero it in.

Scott then got a flat tire trying to make it to Mecca. That makes the third tire to die while making the trip to Mecca since last September. Once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times…

Am I having fun yet? Actually I really enjoyed having dinner with Boomershoot friends and bloggers at the Ponderosa tonight.

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  1. Does that mean this year is going to be less Boomershoot, and more Boomersploosh? 😀

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