Armed Robbery Thwarted in Moscow

The local newspaper story is here.  You only see part of it unless you subscribe.  Basically, the robber was distracted with pulling money out of the cash drawer, which was placed on the counter and the clerk took the initiative, snatching the robber’s gun.  The gun was dropped.  The robber then fled, leaving the cash and the gun behind.  Oops.  He later came back and turned himself in– probably not a bad idea, given the circumstances.

One of the radio reports has the cops telling us, after this incident, not to fight back– to do whatever the criminals tell us to do.  Uh, hey Skippy: isn’t that exactly the sort of advice that enabled the 9/11 attacks?

You can’t really plan ahead for what you’ll do, and you certainly cannot second guess the actions of the clerk.  What happened this time, and what happens time and time again, is that someone recognizes an opportunity to stop a crime, and then takes that opportunity while the taking is good.  That’s all.

I wouldn’t call it an act of will so much as a reflexive reaction based on a split second certainty, founded in basic principles.  My son once recounted an incident at school wherein he had a habitual bully pinned to the floor, crying, before Son even really knew what had happened.  No; you don’t plan this stuff, but you don’t want to be hamstrung by stupid advice from cops and other wannabe authorities either.

Good for that clerk for having the presence of mind plus the wherewithal to act.  He used his bare hands against an armed robber, no one was hurt, and the robber is in custody.


8 thoughts on “Armed Robbery Thwarted in Moscow

  1. My guess is it probably coming out of the mouth of one particular individual of the Moscow PD.

    As for give them what they want, what if all they want is your life. Being a criminal is inherently dangerous, and it’s my duty to keep that a dangerous profession. If someone chooses me as prey, I will make sure they fully realize that they failed the victim selection process.

    It’s very simple, do not assault, rob, or otherwise cause or threaten harm against me and mine. The second you do, you have violated the social contract that said I needed to be civil, polite, and should use force against you. Because I will defend me and mine with any force required to protect them.

  2. If you do nothing, and the robber quietly exits, then the PD can ignore the crime and go back to wiping powdered sugar off their chin.

  3. They say that because if it were common to fight back, they would be out of a job and unable to go back to robbing convenience stores.

  4. Complying with a robber is putting your life and safety at the mercy of somebody who likely has none.

    Its a safe assumption that if somebody threatens your life for any reason or illegal contract (like: “Empty the Register or I kill you!”) that any corollaries and stipulations can be ignored (read: “I will kill you!”)

    If the clerk had complied he would have had an empty cash drawer and STILL would be looking at a violent man with a gun. How exactly has that scenario improved?

    Fight back, not only is it your best choice, criminals hear about it and make other choices too!

    Also always carry a gun because if you’re stuck with nothing but your bare hands, you’re still going to have to fight for your life, or trust a dishonest person to be honest with you. Better to fight back effectively and swiftly.

  5. “…how big of a loser are you if you fail at robbing a convenience store?”

    You’re a loser if you even attempt to rob someone. Especially in Idaho. There have been several cases, since I started paying attention, of the would-be victim turning the tables on robbers around here.

    A security camera video caught an incident in Lewiston. A man with a shotgun came into a gas station and pointed the gun at a woman behind the counter. She did a “Terminator Two” style snatch, and got the shotgun. If you’ve never seen a grown man turn and run for his life in a desperate, adrenaline charged scramble, I cannot describe to you the sight.

    Do NOT mess with Idaho (or eastern Washington for that matter). If you’re in the crime business, pick a leftist controlled city someplace. There you’ll be more protected.

  6. “If you’re in the crime business, pick a leftist controlled city someplace. There you’ll be more protected.”

    But, but, but criminals can’t possibly have guns in Chicago, New York City, or Washington DC! They are banned there, at least, for all practical purposes! That’s why crime is so low there!

    Oh, wait, never mind. These are the murder capitals of the United States, even of the world.

  7. Turns out it was the Chief of Police who told us to obey criminals after this incident.

    Let’s see; who does that benefit? Who all would want a thing?
    Criminals and government.
    Who all would want a disarmed society?
    Criminals and government.
    Who all is trying to live off of the hard work of honest folks?
    Criminals and government.
    Who all wants to be seen as King Shit, with everyone else bowing to them and doing everything they say?
    Criminals and government.
    I think I see a pattern here.
    It’s not a conspiracy (at least not in most cases). It’s just a natural tendency.

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