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Guns? Have at it. If only the stupid dickless wonders (and I don’t mean the women) who feel the need to whip it out in public would keep it amongst themselves, then I would say let Darwinism take over (such as the Southern states who’ve decided it’s a nifty idea to allow guns into bars).

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[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]

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  1. This is kind of a twofer, Markley’s Law plus gratuitous anti-southern bigotry. I wonder if asiangrrlMN realises that Minnesota is one of those “Southern states” that allow legally carried firearms in bars.

  2. +1 to Fast Richard!

    Hilarious how quickly Northern Lefties will throw Southerners under the bus. Is there any wonder why the South thought they could do better on their own?

  3. It’s at least a threefer;
    “…I would say let Darwinism take over…”

    That’s old leftist lie claiming that you’re more likely to be killed by your own gun than to use it in self defense.

    Or a fourfer;
    “…feel the need to whip it out in public…”

    That’s the old leftist lie that says we own guns to express our sick power lust and blood lust. It’s pure projection of course, as leftism (statism) is about nothing but the quest for coercive control over society.

    The whole quote can be translated as; “The desire for freedom and self determination (liberty) is a sick, twisted, dangerously pathological condition, while the desire for coercive control over society (leftism/statism/big government/restriction and redistribution) is pure sweetness and light.” But they’re too cowardly to come right out and say it. Deep down they know it’s the Big Lie of The Ages, so they have to engage in obfuscation and division. If they spread enough blind hate, fear, suspicion and desperation, they think we’ll willingly give up our freedom and turn to them for solutions.

    It’s worked before, but it’s not going to work here. Not this time.

  4. Funny. Ohio has had the Guns in Bar Law for about a Year, and last I checked, the Canadian Border was just across one of the Islands out at Put-in-Bay (near Camp Perry). So I guess that makes Ohio’s Own Gen. W.T. Sherman a Proud Son of the Confederacy!

  5. I used to wonder why so many of the anti-self-defense crowd continuously talked about penises. I finally figured out it’s because most of them don’t have one, or the rest of the equipment that goes with one either.

  6. This frightened little girl does not have any grasp on reality.

    Just where in the hell are concealed carry weapons people ever noted to “whip it out in public” I must ask?
    They simply don’t, so her silly bleating is for a non-existent issue with the law-abiding CCW citizens.
    If they did, there would be arrests for brandishing and blood in the bars and streets. Not seeing this.

    When we do hear about bar room incidents, it’s invariably by thugs committing crimes.
    Most of them are prohibited from having firearms and they are not legal concealed carriers.
    They are there to do mischief and are not carrying a firearm to compensate for length or girth!
    She needs to focus her angst on criminals, not the average Joe who is not waving his “equipment” around.

  7. Actually, leftist’s views of cops that keep them from taking drugs or copulating in public are considered “Pigs”, and they are considered to have chosen that profession in order to express their sick power lust and blood lust, and carry that pistol on the hip in an effort to compensate for small genitalia (/leftist drivel).
    But it is all projection as Lyle says, because while the leftists claim to want the state out of the bedroom, the left is in every other room of the house, what with temperature requirements, refrigerator efficiency requirements, glass energy reflectivity requirements, FDA USDA, DOJ carbon, Formaldehyde, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfide emission standards, light bulb laws, — and now, to top it off, the leftists want to poll incoming college freshmen to see what their sexual orientation is so as to a) ensure M&M diversity (rainbow of colors outside, same pernicious marxist doctrines inside) and
    b) make a list for when “my enemy’s enemy” takes over, much to the surprise of leftists when that happens.

  8. Add Oregon to that “list of stupid states”. Our libs are just as commie as those in the un-enlightened states which trust folks enough to let them get permits, but don’t trust them enough not to get drunk and shoot up Grandpa’s Diner while they sip a beer with their goulash supper. Somehow, though, those libs in Oregon saw fit to extend the trust which goes with the handgun licensing program to the licensees’ level of alcohol consumption control.

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