Boomershoot 2012 prep

Almost everything went well today. I got the Wi-Fi and micro-cell working. AT&T says the micro-cell is good for about 40’. That wasn’t really going to meet my needs and I talked to the people at the AT&T store and they said it would be much further if there were no obstructions so I took a chance on it. I still had 3 bars 250 feet away which is good enough for what I need it for.

I got my tent set up and all the bedding in place.

I cleaned up the interior of Mecca a bunch. I made room for and moved a bunch of the empty crates we store the targets in to the Mecca to be filled. After being filled they will be transported to the Taj Mahal for storage.

I had hoped to get all that stuff done yesterday so basically I am taking about twice as long as I had planned to get stuff done.

The really important stuff that I need to get done before tomorrow night (other than do my regular job, “work from home” is actually going to be “work from the middle of a field”) is to get the rest of the chemicals from the Taj Mahal moved to Mecca. The weather has been great with clear skies and the today the temperature was in the low 80’s. This was probably close to a record for this day of the year. But there is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow night and I need to get those chemicals moved before the field gets muddy again.

The solar panel has been doing great. It puts out over 100 Watts (rated at 130 W) during the middle of the day and it has more than kept up with the Internet, cell, and computer power needs.

Boomershoot is looking to be good this year. There is some chance of rain but it doesn’t look nearly as bad has it has some years.

4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2012 prep

  1. I will be there Friday evening, so that I can help out on Saturday and Sunday, that is all the time my schedule allows.

  2. @Tango, I’m living off of broiled chicken from last week, jerky, trail mix, cereal, milk, and some fruit. I’ll share the jerky and trail mix with you.

    @MD, I’m pleased to get whatever time you can spare. Thanks.

  3. @Joe HAHA! How about instead I bring you some real food when we swing through the Orofino IGA on our way? I’ll get some beef, some potatoes, and we’ll have ourselves a grand time!

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