Barbara update

Wife Barbara is making improvements and may get to come home from the hospital tomorrow night. I was expecting a call from daughter Kimberly tonight with details but haven’t heard from her yet.

I found out my cousin Dennis who is the closest neighbor to Boomershoot Mecca was on the road when Barb was being chased by the Idaho State Patrol. Both Barb and the ISP passed him then he stopped after she wrecked the Jeep. He tried to get her back to land and was impressed at how good a swimmer she was. He thought she was trying to go all the way across the river.

I got a lot of other details too. I never expected to find out this much info. It was tough to hear but I want to know everything I can about what happened.

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  1. I saw some of the deputies who work on the water in Nez Perce county and I passed along a thank you last week. My heart sank when I saw where it happened on 12.

    I’m glad she’s recovering. Let me know if there’s anything Janelle and I can do to help.

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