Quote of the day—Murphy

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Murphy’s Law
[I’m at Boomershoot  Mecca and things have not gone well for me today. I spent about two hours trying to get a Nanostation 2 to act as a router and get it’s IP address from the ISP. I “bricked” the device mounted on a pole 20 feet in the air. I can probably still recover it by pushing the hardware reset button but that means bring the pole down. The pole has a solar panel and the ISP’s wireless flat panel as well as the Nanostation on it. That isn’t going to be fun. Then I tried using another Nanostation I have at ground level. I was unsuccessful so I finally drove to Moscow (1 hour each way) to get a conventional household router. That worked and I got the AT&T microcell working with one of my phones but not the other. Then just as it was getting dark I started to put up my tent. I didn’t have the poles or the stakes. I have to go back to Moscow again. I’ll return in the morning.

As Barb asks multiple times during Boomershoot, “Are you having fun yet?”—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Murphy

  1. Been there.
    Ain’t working in the field fun..not. It all looks easy on paper.

    I’ve felt like the guy that brings an entire repair truck to pull a nail. Then again, if I knew what would go wrong I’d have fixed it before it failed.
    Good luck, Joe.

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