Ted Nugent About His Chat With Secret Service

Some say the The Nuge is too over the top.  They need to listen more closely.  He says what needs to be said.  If it drives the loonies out of the woodwork, perfect.  That’s exactly what we want– bring the conversation, the principles and the clarity, out, naked, front and center.  That way we win.  There is no other.  Obfuscation and beating around the bush, “moderating” the message, only serves as chum in the water for the sharks.  Don’t bandy words with fools.  Listen and learn;

ETA; You know they were trying to intimidate him.  Don’t be intimidated.  This sort of thing will continue until the left finds out that it backfires on them every time it’s tried.  Alan West, for one, is beginning to figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Ted Nugent About His Chat With Secret Service

  1. Did anyone else catch where he wasn’t supposed to discuss what went on in that interview? He talked about it, sure, but only in VERY generic terms and with high praise for the agents. I know if anyone had been grilling me for 40 minutes, I wouldn’t remember every last detail but surely more specifics than that.

  2. How do the SS guys get away with this stuff? Why didn’t he just tell them something like, “My name is Theodore Nugent, my date of birth is such and such. I am not talking to you people any more until after I have talked to my lawyer. Please go away.”

    I mean, being the old wussy-pussy I am, I might cave in and talk to them, but ain’t Ted famous for big balls and rudeness?

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