Quote of the day—Cynthia Kounaris

There is no anti-gun group with enough money to defeat the pro-gun money. There is a lack of will and desire to confront this issue in the state and federal government and no strong anti-gun leadership from either party. The only way left to fight the gun industry is through the voices (and votes) of the American people.

Cynthia Kounaris
April 17, 2012
Guns Help People Kill People
[And the American people have spoken. NRA membership is at or near an all-time high. The NRA annual meeting this year set a new attendance record. And 68% of the American people have a favorable view of the NRA.

Ms. Kounaris, the problem for you is that there aren’t enough people on your side of the issue. And the reason you don’t have many people is in a large part because gun control advocates can’t answer Just One Question. The anti-gun groups don’t even have a way to join on their websites. They have no real membership in the sense of the pro-gun groups. It’s time to educate yourself and join one or more of the winning teams.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cynthia Kounaris

  1. Funny. Since the Supreme Court struck down McCain-Feingold, Money IS Political Free Speech once again. So how can she “Get Out the Vote” if she is complaining that there’s “No Money?” If she’s so sure her cause is “right’ and she has lots of support, then raising funds to fight the “Evil Gun Lobby” should be easy. But “Where’s the Beef?” Sounds to me she’s admitting that all the Anti-Freedom Groups CAN do is Whine to the MSM.

    Which is Why We Win.

  2. If “the voices (and votes) of the American people” favored gun control, there would be anti-gun groups with enough money to defeat the pro-gun money and strong anti-gun leadership in at least one party. There’s no anti-gun money or anti-gun leadership because the American people are opposed to increased gun control.

  3. Dear Ms. Cynthia Kounaris, Executive Director, Women Ecommerce Execs:

    I’m Sarah Connor, Director of Nothing, with no favoritism towards either sex.

    Today I read your anti-gun piece: Guns Help People Kill People. I disagree. Guns help people keep the peace.

    I’ve carried my piece countless times, and have used it to prevent things from going bad to worse. I’ve never shot my pistol at a perpetrator. I only used a gun to reinforce my words…


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