4 thoughts on “Defensive gun use

  1. I do not, and almost certainly will not, own a firearm*: but I am thankful that others such as Ms. Connor do.
    – – – –
    * Mostly, I know I would not maintain one properly.

  2. A little bit of confidence goes a long way. It’s one definition of freedom. And herein I’ll come up with a catch-phrase; “Forget self-esteem. I prefer confidence.”

    Confidence is knowing that you can cope. Self-esteem is just another term for narcissism. We have too much of the latter and not enough of the former, to be a free society.

    @John A; See my comment at Sarah’s. In short; maintenance is simple. You get a basic gun that takes down (disassembles) easily and without tools (and those guns are common) and don’t sweat it overmuch. Have a shooter friend show you how simple it is, and you’re “off and gunning”. Ask that person; “Just how simple is it to clean your carry pistol?”

  3. @John A: I’m no marksman or sharpshooter. I’m not a gun pro. I’m pro-gun, though. Pro-self-defense. Despite that, I *do not* enjoy cleaning guns. Some gunfolk gun cleaning is fun. I do not. It’s an annoying hassle, but well-worth the tradeoff of having built-in security.

    And if you get really lazy and decide to holdoff on cleaning your gun for a long, long time (I’m sure this will make Lyle, Joe + readers cringe), you can always take your gun to a gun shop for an expert clean. They’ll dip it a “gun bath” and give it a makeover.

    Think of a gun shop like a beauty salon for guns.

    As for choosing a gun, find a gun friend for advice, or go to a gun show. Those guys are polite and are (usually) happy to answer specific questions about guns. Tell them you’re a beginner, you’d like something basic, and your prime concern is easy maintenance. They should guide you from there.

    If you have trouble maintaining a gun because your hands lack dexterity or you might have other physical challenges, someone at a gun shop will probably clean your gun just for fun. If the gun’s not that dirty, it probably won’t get a gun bath. But you’d be amazed how helpful gunfolk can be. I mention this bit about dexterity challenges because I’ve been through that personally and gun cleaning can be a real pain.

    : )

  4. @Lyle:
    “Self-esteem is just another term for narcissism.”

    I completely 100% disagree with your statement. Narcissism does not mean self-esteem.

    Self-esteem = self-respect = positive self image = confidence.

    I suppose we could get into a semantics war, but that would silly.

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