Quote of the day—Honus

Anybody openly carrying a gun into Starbucks (or anywhere else) to “make a point” or “exercise a right” is inherently unqualified to carry a weapon. This is a fundamentally improper use of a firearm.
Like your dick, you only take out your gun if you are prepared to use it. You don’t openly carry it into a coffee bar to scare the liberals. This identifies you as a cheap tin can that shouldn’t be allowed near anything as powerful as a Model 29 or to use the other common penis substitute, a Porsche Turbo Carrera.

March 4, 2010
Comment to Open Thread: Penis Substitutes At the Ready!
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]

11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Honus

  1. Have any of these people ever even seen a police officer?

    Or are they just so thoroughly ignorant that they don’t even know that “open carry” doesn’t mean “in your hand”?

  2. There is an awful lot of crazy in the world. I spent several hours with a friend yesterday telling each other stories of all the crazy people we have known.

  3. The lust for power is always looking for weaknesses. It always goes something like this;
    “Look at how greedy and/or stupid and/or destructive people are– we need to control them. Give us power.”

    The same thing operates in personal relationships as well. People concentrate on other people’s failings as a cover or an excuse for their own failings, and as a means of control. Whenever you see that sort of behavior you know a relationship of control and abuse. It’s a vicious circle, or spiral, of bitterness. Some people are in it all their lives, never knowing any other way. Unless they’re extremely good actors, you can usually spot them right away, as they’re continually probing for weaknesses. If they can’t find them right away, they’ll make them up, so even your strengths become your “weaknesses”. The penis substitute routine is of just such a nature. “I’m not so bad compared to you. Look at you. You’re so deeply dysfunctional and pathetic that you need a penis substitute…”

    We have to be careful that we don’t fall into this behavior ourselves. I’ve done quite a bit of it myself. It’s always the temptation.

  4. I noticed how he talked about how “scared” liberals are at the mere sight of a holstered firearm.
    “Me thinks he doth protest too much” and liberals are the ones who need a shot of testosterone.
    Isn’t cringing at the sight of an inanimate object a good definition of a wimp?

    The open carry may be a political statement and failure to exercise a right can lead to its loss.
    That’s why they try to demonize firearms and owners so that they will disappear from view.
    I’m sure he appreciates his ability to speak freely.
    Does he object also to T-Shirts with overt political statements?
    So, why is the First Amendment OK for this, but the Second Amendment is not?

  5. Wouldn’t your Markley’s Monday post have been better spent fisking E.J. Dionne’s uber-whiney post about the NRA?

  6. BTW, I hope Honus Hosenose doesn’t realize that for every open carry gun he sees at Starbuck’s, there are probably three more concealed. That would cause him to have to hit the men’s room for a change of trou, but the diaper-changing table in there probably wouldn’t hold him up….

  7. So if a woman open carries, is that an indication of penis envy? What does Honus consider a fundamentally proper use of a firearm? (I’d guess he couldn’t name one).

  8. “Anybody openly carrying a gun into Starbucks (or anywhere else) to ‘make a point’ or ‘exercise a right’ is inherently unqualified to carry a weapon. This is a fundamentally improper use of a firearm.”

    Welllll, we could change this to: “Anybody coming into Wall Street (or any other place where people are trying to work for a living) and speak and protest so as to disrupt the place to “make a point”, or “exercise a right” is inherently unqualified to appear in public and exercise the First Amendment. This is a fundamentally improper use of the right to freedom of speech or to peaceably assemble.”

    See how that works, Honus? Whose ox is gored now? The rules for application of one specifically enumerated constitutional right are equally applicable to the other specifically enumerated constitional rights, and if they find that one may freely be infringed using a certain technique, then they all may be so infringed.

  9. The problems with Honus’ statement exist at several levels.

    First is the assumption that carrying a firearm is a somehow shameful act, or that the only valid tactical approach involves concealed carry. Both are untrue.

    While my own preference is normally concealed carry, I’m open-minded enough to admit that a trade-off exists with open carry. Much like with a police officer, an openly carried gun can tend to ward off those who would do the carrier harm – preventing those hostile little social interactions that would make an actual discharge of the sidearm necessary. Conversely, one is far more likely to end up playing gun community ambassador.

    The second failing of Honus’ statement is that the closet is a demonstrably failed strategy for more than one community. The LGBT community didn’t begin making strides for civil rights until it came out – with fully festive group action first (see “Stonewall Riots”, “Pride Parades”) and then later (and I would suggest with greater impact) through the efforts of average LGBT folks coming out. It’s vastly harder to demonize an entire class of people (gun-owners, CPL-holders, gays, lesbians, ) when you personally know 4-5 folks in the designated group as “just regular folks” that happened to help you change your tire last weekend or buy girl scout cookies from your daughter.

    The Open Carry movement may well be that same principle in play – pulling “the scary” away from the meme the anti’s have created of the gun-owning and gun-carrying citizen as a knuckle-dragging paranoid clad in a white sheet. When you’re chatting with Joe or Jane Average that happen to be OC’ing..it kind of defeats the bigotry about the time the obvious cognitive dissonance sets in.

    I’ve said it more than once, and in more than one community. There’s an awful lot of room at the table, with plenty for the OC/CC/& DGAD (Don’t Give A Damn) carry crowds to sit down and work together.

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