Perhaps we should replace congress

As much as I detest people that think it is legitimate to make laws based on majority rule when it should be a matter of principle it is reassuring when the majority aligns itself with principles:

Most Americans support the right to use deadly force to protect themselves – even in public places – and have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association, the main gun-lobby group, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.
The online survey showed that 68 percent, or two out of three respondents, had a favorable opinion of the NRA, which starts its annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri, on Friday.

The approval rating for Congress is currently running about 12%. I claim this is in a large part because they have no principles, only policy positions which change about as often as their dirty laundry that keeps showing up in public.

This leads me to believe the appropriate thing to do is replace congress with the Board of Directors and senior members of the NRA.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps we should replace congress

  1. Congress won’t need popularity if they have enough power. I sense that they’re getting sick and tired of having to pander to us stupid masses for re-election. Like what they say about free markets; why should matters of such importance as running the country be trusted to the vagueries and whims of the election process? I’ll bet you 100 dolars that someone in Congress has already said something similar to that.

  2. Replace Congress with the Board of the NRA? No, the Nation doesn’t need to be sold more schlock insurance products, it need fierce protection of it’s civil rights. The NRA is good at the former, a tad weak at the latter.

  3. We should put Congress’s low approval numbers in context. Some are upset at them because they’re growing government at the expense of liberty. Others are upset at them because they’re not communist enough. The former we’ll call teapartiers and the latter the Rev. Wright/ New Black Panther/Cloward & Piven/Occupy movement. So in the sense that we’re all upset with Congress, we’re on the same side as the Occupy movement and Sol Alinsky.

    That doesn’t say much. Some in Congress will take the position that they’re angering the “radical fringes” on both sides, and take it as “proof” that, being in the “middle”, they’re on the right track.

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