RFID shielded wallet

The NRA is selling a wallet which shields your RFID cards from being scanned.

I’m a little torn as to whether I want to get one or not. It’s very convenient to just swipe my wallet over the the scanner when I get on the bus to go to work. If I had the shielded wallet I would have to take the card out to scan it.

On the other hand Ry recently demonstrated an app for an Android phone that could scan that same card and get my public transportation history for the last 10 days.

4 thoughts on “RFID shielded wallet

  1. I’ve been using an RFID blocking wallet for years. Currently using a Kena Kai bifold with ID flap. I’ve tested it with a reader, and it blocks just fine; but I can flip it open and scan the card easily enough.

  2. The DOL actually gives you little RFID shielding envelopes if you get an Enhanced Driver’s license. Pick up several – put the cards you want to protect in them, and leave out the card or cards you want to have available for use.

  3. If you can deal with the peculiar construction and functionality (specifically, plastic, with a spring-loaded hinge), I would recommend the Flipside – it has space for six shielded cards and one unshielded, so you can put prox cards on the “outside” and still keep everything else protected. ‘Course, it also only holds those seven cards and some cash, so unless you go for minimalist wallets, it might not work in general :).

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