NBC producer fired over Zimmerman call

As you probably have heard the call of Zimmerman with the police that NBC aired on the Today Show was edited such that Zimmerman appears to say, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.” This was not how it happened and a producer was fired over this. Good. The damage this deliberate slanting of the news could have been been millions of dollars in property damage and even people ending up dead from riots. As it is the tremendous amount of time and energy expended by people basing their actions on falsified information is incalculable.

The story is an AP story and is spreading rapidly. It certain deserves exceedingly wide coverage. Perhaps tensions can be reduced and people will look more closely at all the facts related to this event. And long term I hope more people verify stories reported by the media before taking extreme action.

Some of the news outlets reporting this story:

5 thoughts on “NBC producer fired over Zimmerman call

  1. Notice the line in the Story:

    “The identity of the producer was not disclosed.”

    Color me exceedingly skeptical, but I have my doubts that anybody was really fired. I wouldn’t put it past those people to SAY they’ve fired somebody so as to make the story go away.

  2. Wildman, you’re not suggesting that nbc would lie to us are you??BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Being the owner of a mid-80’s GMC Pickup, why would I ever believe that?

  4. I have heard that some corporations in the 60’s had fictitious managers and such for people to write to, a la Betty Crocker and Mrs. Paul (of fishstick fame). Sometimes the name was code within the company for “this customer is a crank”. It also would not surprise me if NBC’s version of Betty Crocker got fired over this.
    After all, why only the one flunky? They would have us beleive it was done by one nut in the basement of NBC HQ without the input or approval of the chiefs? If the producer was axed, his boss should have been, too, and everyone at the meeting where that was approved. They really do think we’re that stupid.

  5. They just need a scapegoat of some kind. Once they’ve washed their hands, they’ll be right back at it. They’ll never stop. It’s Dan Rather all over again (“…and it’s still true even if we made it up”). This has been going on for generations.

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