Sometimes it’s no fun being right

In comments here, regarding Hollywood’s lack of ideas and their focus on remakes, I predicted a new series of the Three Stooges.  Turns out I was right on time.  They have the movie coming out this month.  I’ll guess that the new series is already in the works.  The Marx Brothers and then Silent flicks to follow, I suppose.

These are the people who accuse us of being “backward” or “simple-minded”.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s no fun being right

  1. Look for anything you remember from your youth to be corrupted in the Hollywood remake.

    I’ll start paying attention again when The Birth of a Nation remake gets green-lighted, because that racist pile of historical film featuring the supposed reasons for the rise of the KKK sure could be updated in many, many, err, interesting ways.

  2. Remakes and adaptations from comic books. That’s the majority of what we get from Hollywood these days. The sad thing is that the comic book adaptions are usually the better one of the two.

  3. Third gen no-talent writer wanna-bes who can’t read, have never had any original ideas, and do an incrediably bad jobs of retreading on old material.

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