Boomershoot 2013

I’m doing some thinking about Boomershoot 2013. I need to schedule around wet/snowy weather, Fire Season, the NRA Annual Meetings, Mother’s Day, and my wife’s work schedule.

I have tentatively chosen Sunday May 5th as the date.

Can anyone come up with a good reason why that date should be avoided? I realize this is the probably going to be the weekend before finals at the University of Idaho but I’m not seeing a better tradeoff at this time.

Discuss as needed…


5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2013

  1. According to the web site,the 2013 NRA meeting is May 3-5 in Houston, Tx.

  2. Cinco de Mayo! What better way to celebrate the great triumph of Mexican martial might (over the French) than to blow shit up in Idaho. Viva Boomerite!

  3. I called the NRA number listed on the NRA Annual Meeting web site and the guy who answered told me that the final dates hadn’t been decided. When I expressed skepticism at that, he gave me a number at the NRA offices to call. Since I plan on going, I thought I might as well find out when they were.

    I called that number and spent 1/2 hour being handed around and on hold before I ran out of time and couldn’t wait anymore.

    I have found both sets of dates online, though Joe’s link seems the most credible.

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