Quote of the day—John Lott

A lot of people (both conservatives and liberals) are going to end up being embarrassed by their instant, snap judgments about this case.

The focus on a single case to evaluate laws that have been in effect for years in over 40 states is troubling enough. But right now it looks as if the rush to reform is based on nothing more than bad reporting.

John Lott
April 3, 2012
Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and the media’s misleading rhetoric on guns
[The problem is that many (most?) people do not base their opinions on facts or rational analysis. Yes, this can be hard at times. Stirring up emotions or allowing your emotions to rule your actions “gets things done” but at what cost? The cost is wasted resources, bad law, and injustice.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Lott

  1. It wasn’t bad reporting. It was fraud. They actually cut and spliced words from the 911 recording to make it sound like it was race motivated. The whole thing was made up. R. Limbaugh covered this all very well on Monday. He played the original recording and the faked one side by side, and they tell very different stories. Images were also doctored, to make people think Zimmerman wasn’t injured. The networks are guilty of inciting violence via fraud. If the motivation was to whip up hate for gun owners, and support for gun restrictions, they are also in violation of 18 USC 241.

  2. Those who can determine without any facts the intimate details of this incident won’t let a little thing like being wrong get in the way of their “narrative” because their intentions are supposedly good.

    I say they need to line up for a fork-kick from a 13 year old female soccer goalie if they are proven wrong. Because that might get their attention directed to the idea that their actions and words were reprehensible.

    I doubt anything less will even cause them to miss a breath in their posturings of outrage.

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