No oregano growing out of MY forehead

Robb Allen sent me an email asking if the name of my wife is Barbara Scott (it is) with a link to this article:

For months, her friends and daughter kept asking where Barbara Scott’s husband was. At first, she said he was back home in Oklahoma, but on Tuesday police reportedly dug up the truth in the backyard of their Tampa Bay home.

The man … was buried in the garden of the couple’s Lake Alfred home beneath the oregano, basil and banana peppers, reported.

My Barbara Scott has not had good luck with growing plants so it is unlikely she would do this to me.


6 thoughts on “No oregano growing out of MY forehead

  1. Not everyone likes plain steak – some like ground meat, well seasoned.

  2. Do what I do, Joe and make sure that the life insurance isn’t too large.

  3. I’m still wondering why someone thought the specific crops in the garden relevant to the story. Next, the jury will want to examine specimens of the herbs and peppers before they render a verdict I suppose. They’ll call in some high-profile chefs and some botanists for their opinions. This will go down in history as the “Herb and Pepper Kerfuffle” and will be discussed in gardening manuals and cook books for decades. No one will remember that there was a man killed.

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