Quote of the day—Tom Diaz

Lethality is the nicotine of the gun industry. Even more than the tobacco companies, firearm manufacturers have been shielded from public scrutiny and exempt from health and safety laws that govern other products.

Tom Diaz
January 20, 1999
[“Shielded from public scrutiny and exempt from health and safety laws? Do the rights protected by the First Amendment have a Federal Agency devoted to the regulation of them? Do you need to pass a background check before you can purchase a book on religion?

Are you required take a class and get a license before you are allowed to vote? But what is more dangerous? A few million people carrying handguns in public or a Joseph Stalin implementing his progressive political views? Diaz is not only has his facts wrong he doesn’t even have a clue about the dangers facing humanity.—Joe]

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  1. I don’t see how “lethality” is the nicotine of the gun industry. It was my impression that the nicotine was getting out and shooting a target–especially a good reactive target. And you can do that with anything, ranging from .22LR to .69 Black Pistol rifle.

    Indeed, if this were about lethality, it can be argued that black powder sports would be good and dead!

    “Lethality” only becomes a factor when you start arguing which is better for self-defense–9mm or .45–and even then, it’s not “lethality” that’s the concern, but “stopping power”. The goal is to stop the threats, not kill them (although death certainly results in the stopping of an assailant).

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