Getting some schooling

Today Ry, Barron, and I finished our first day of NROI training at the Lewiston Pistol Club. Ry and I figured we had driven the furthest since we came from the Seattle area. But it turns out someone else had driven from Winnemucca, NV. Even without him we would have had to share the title with another guy from the Seattle area (Bellevue).

I have been operating on about five hours of sleep each night for the last several days so I came home and took a nap while others were doing their homework.

I’m awake again and now it’s time for me to do my homework.

2 thoughts on “Getting some schooling

  1. Hmmm, all along, I had the notion that the only credentialing authority for Range Officers was the NRA. Can a NROI Range Officer work any meet but USPSA?

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