New gun blog is a blog about guns and psychology. It is brand new and already has some interesting and clever stuff. Here are some tidbits:

If the content keeps coming this will be good.

8 thoughts on “New gun blog

  1. Intelligent and mentally ill. The two are compatible. It’s interesting to watch from the outside but it’s very tiring if you live with it.

  2. We’re all brain-challenged, in certain ways.

    Some people are cell-challenged (ie, cancer). Others are genetically challenged (Color Blindness, Angelman Syndrome, to name a few).

    Some of us are Osteogenesis imperfecta. Nobody’s perfect.

    Still some of us are breakable. Others aren’t.

    Brain health = organ health.

    Good thing none of the readers of this blog are gun-challenged. Except for me. Authorities took my guns from me but I’m taking them back.

    : )

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