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Generally speaking, it isn’t “progressive” to want to repeal the Industrial Revolution.

March 18, 2012
Comment to Quote of the day–Helen Caldicott.
[But “progressives” aren’t progressive. They yearn to implement a proven failed political and economic system invented over 150 years ago. Perhaps it’s a mere coincidence but the rise of Marxism marked the end of the Industrial Revolution. “Progressivism” is the propagation of a lie that people desperately want to believe:

Therefore when a “progressive” wants to “repeal the Industrial Revolution” they are just being true to their nature.–Joe]

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  1. Joe, I need to correct you on one thing: the political system that so-called Progressives want wasn’t invented 150 years ago. At a bare minimum, it’s as old as Plato’s Republic, and likely hundreds–if not thousands–of years older than that. The political systems in question–Communism, and its cousins Progressivism, Nazism, and Fascism–are merely old political philosophies, dredged up and dressed up in theory and false promises, in an attempt to appeal to those who are free.

    Indeed, these Collectivist theories only have superficial differences from Robbespierrism, or the Divine Right of Kings, or even Pharoah-is-God-ism. In each of these systems, the individual is sacrificed for the Good of Society.

    It is Individualism–the idea that each individual, his liberties, and his property, is to be held sacred, and to be protected–that is revolutionary. Anything else is reactionary, at best.

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