Anti-gun brainwash

Via Sebastian and Glen Beck this morning:

“Every day, every school, every level… Every day of the week and really brainwash people.”

This is who we have as the Attorney General of the United States. He apparently interprets “The rule of law” as “When I am the law I rule regardless of the Bill of Rights”.

Is it any surprise he is running guns to Mexico so he blame it on gun dealers?

4 thoughts on “Anti-gun brainwash

  1. They’ve been doing this of course for generations. It’s nothing new. Every communist revolution has been worked so as to get to the minds of the youth before they could figure anything out. The difference now is, they’re getting a little more open about their intentions. The plan to use movies, entertainment and sports stars and news media to instill communist ideology goes back to the early 20th century. They have a big problem now in that they’re losing that sense of “credibility” Holder mentioned in the video. They’re too easily debunked at every step.

    The internet and talk radio are their worst enemies right now, so look out. They’re going to have to do something nasty, and pretty soon.

    He’s attacking guns in the video, but they’re attacking all other pillars of freedom too, all the time.

    In the meantime we have to spread the word of freedom. It isn’t enough to debunk the liars and expose the cheats. More than anything we have to present the clear alternative.

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