2 thoughts on “A picture is worth how many words?

  1. I helped make hundreds of pounds of explosives at boomershoot, then shot at them (over a hundred rounds? Maybe 200?) and helped with the cleanup. The next day, I showered, changed clothes, and flew to France. I even brought along the same jacket, a lumbar pack that I’d worn for most of boomershoot (though it’s possible that I laundered the jacket that night. My memory is fuzzy), and plenty of other things that I had carried during the process. They even swabbed some of my stuff, since I declined to be pornoscanned in Spokane.

    Alarms? Warning klaxons? Yeah right. Smooth sailing.

    At the same time, I would like to give kudos to the PUW TSA agents. They found a hunting knife in my carryon bag (the same lumbar pack) that I forgot, and ran it back and stuck it in my checked luggage for me with a smile. It still galls me that we must rely on TSA folks being reasonable people in a good mood to not get totally screwed, but at least we have some good people here.

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