Quote of the day—Gun Victims Action

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Gun Victims Action
9:17 AM 14 February 2012
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[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gun Victims Action

  1. The most amazing statement is seen if you click on “Do we know what would happen to the public’s safety in a country where only the criminals had guns? Yes we do.”
    The gist of that page is that in the UK, (where Great Britain used to be) only the criminals have guns (even the police don’t carry them, according to the author), and “gun violence”(presumably violence committed with the aid of guns) is a small fraction of what it is in the US, so therefore, “there is only one explanation for these facts: It is the law-abiding citizens with guns, not the criminals, who are committing the majority of the gun homicides.”
    But that isn’t the most incredible statement. The author concludes with the statement
    “Because sales to criminals represent 25% of the Gun Industry’s annual sales. (Source: Expert witness report filed as part of the 1999 NAACP lawsuit vs. the Gun Industry.)”
    That in spite of the Dros, the background check, the regular auditing of the gun dealers’ books, and the existence of the “strawman purchase laws” which attribute some liability to the dealer for failing to stop a purchase made by a third party for somone not qualified to purchase the gun himself.
    These two assertions not only should be proven false, but they have been proven false, but it would take a lot longer than the attention span of the enthusiastic consumer of the National Gun Victims Action Council to prove them false.

  2. I think Ladd was the first w/ that particular genitalia obsession based phrase.

    I tried to get ‘gunsensus’ aka Lori Oneill of the NGAC to give more info on that ‘25%’ nonsense. She refused claiming it was part of sealed documents relating to the case.

  3. “Sealed documents relating to the case?” That is absolute hogwash, and I don’t mean hogwash.
    As a lawyer, I can’t think of a case where the court sealed documents that were not related to either the identity of a minor, or someone’s medical records, or testimonial about sexual history as in the Jack/Jeri Ryan divorce case that was sealed until Jack Ryan stood for re election in Illinois against Barak Obama and the testimony about visits to sex clubs was mysteriously removed from seal to the benefit of Barak Obama who thereafter won unopposed.
    Expert statistical reports are generally not filed with the court until they are introduced as evidence during the trial. They are not “sealed.”
    What comes out of the mouths of Leftists that is purportedly the law is as related to the law as Cargo Cult is related to science.
    Whenever some made-up statistic like this one is put forth by Leftists the blogosphere should accompany it with images of James Gregory and the Heinz Ketchup bottle from “The Manchurian Candidate.”

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