I put some brass in the tumbler in the garage in Idaho to clean and forgot to turn it off. I then went back to the Seattle area. When I got back to Idaho nearly two weeks later the brass was very shiny:

This isn’t the first time I have forgot to turn off the tumbler. But I have never let it run for 13 days before.

16 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Joe – 2 words – electric timer…..about $10 at hardware stores. Been using one for 15 years for just that reason….. 🙂

  2. Yeah, shiny… but did the brass wear the media down, or did the media wear the brass down, or both?

  3. I’ve think you’ve just added a new one to those “5 Reasons You’re an Honest Gun Owner” meme that’s floating around.

  4. @Chris, I’m a little worried it might have changed the thickness of the brass. I’ll do some measurements before I use them.

    The media was pretty fine and dirty.

  5. Photo suitable for framing and hanging prominently on wall. A true work of art.

  6. “Photo suitable for framing and hanging prominently on wall. A true work of art.”
    Hmm. Yeah, frame it, make a t-shirt with that on it, or cut down the contrast and it’s a computer desktop.

  7. Good thing you don’t live in Perfection, Nevada. You’d have had every “Graboid” from clear across the state breaking through your rec room walls…

  8. Sell it at a premium as “brushed-finish” brass – so much more stylish than plain brass!

  9. Market it as ultra high performance, light weight brass. It works in the auto industry!

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