Quote of the day—Sebastian

[C]an I please also move to the universe where Ladd Everitt, Josh Horwitz, and Dennis Henigan are machine gun collectors?

March 8, 2012
Weed Legalization: Surreal Edition
[A close second for QOTD from the comments of that same post was by Oliver Perry who said, “You wouldn’t want to live in that universe-Huffman would be head of the Brady Campaign and Baker would be head of CSGV.”

This reminds me of an alternate universe I once hypothesized where the NRA was evil and the Brady Campaign represented the good guys.—Joe]

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  1. Reading your alternate universe, we should note that, in that universe as in this one, there are more players than just the NRA and the Bradys. Presumably, in that universe, there would also be a GOA, which would not only support mandatory gun ownership publicly–the evil NRA would support it, but not admit to it–but would also support mandatory shooting of people in most situations. Unlike the good (albeit a bit nutty) GOA in this universe, which has no organizational overlap with the NRA and argues with them all the time, the evil GOA and the evil NRA, while claiming to represent different positions, would have heavily interlocking directorates. The evil GOA, like the evil CSGV in this universe, would state that given the power, they would kill the families of politicians fighting for freedom.

    And, when the power of the evil NRA crumbled in the face of public opinion, it would become politically possible to seriously discuss jailing many of the evil NRA and evil GOA members for their felonies–not just the obvious one of violating the Civil Rights Act, but also their frequent threats and incitements to violence, including but not restricted to the one linked above.

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